Cycling Training

If you want to get more your of your cycling training, Loughborough University’s Sports Science Service can help!

cycling fitness test We offer a range of services specifically for cyclists to improve their cycling fitness, training and performance. Whether you are just starting out or have been cycling for years, we can help you to get the most out of your training.

All our services are tailored to be cycling-specific. We also take into account your training background, your goals and the time you have available to train, to help you optimise your training and achieve your aims.

We have worked with cyclists of all ages and abilities, and with people training for time-trials, endurance events, multi-day events, track cycling and mountain biking (cross-country, downhill and 4X).

Services We Offer:

Physiology Testing

A physiology test is basically a fitness test carried out in a sports science lab, and we tailor this to specifically assess cycling-related fitness. Measures we assess include VO2max, lactate threshold, maximal aerobic power output. We then provide feedback about your strengths and weaknesses, and how to tailor your training to help you achieve your goals.


We offer diet analysis and consultations. Your nutrition can have a big impact on your cycling performance, particularly in long events or when competing in the heat. Eating the right amount of the right nutrients at the right time will allow you to get the most out of a training session and help your body adapt to training.

On race day, particularly for events lasting more than 1 – 1.5 hours nutrition and hydration can make or break your performance.

Fitness Testing

Find out about our physiology assessments specifically tailored for cyclists - what is involved and why they are useful.

Sports Nutrition

Find out about the services available for cyclists as well as lots of useful information to help you get your nutrition and hydration right.

Cycling Training Articles

We have spent many years studying sports science and we are constantly keeping up to date with the latest research to ensure that the services we provide to athletes are the best they can be.

We are very experienced at translating the science into useful information for athletes, in a way that even the least scientific person can understand.

Here we will have some articles about different aspects of cycling physiology, cycling workouts and sports science. We will be adding to these on a regular basis as new research comes out. We hope you will find these interesting and helpful for your cycling training.

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